Fully Stocked Coaster Spinner


Spinners sell coasters very effectively; utilising small spaces and keeping products tidy. They make browsing titles easy and increase the likelihood of customers buying more than one. In the run up to Christmas, we highly recommend using a spinner to maximise your sales.

  • Branded spinner charge (subsidised) £35
  • The £35 charge is offset by giving you x 15 free coasters at RRP
  • Cost of Stock (£1.45 x 144 units) £208.80
  • Choose your own designs and you’re free to double up on best sellers. OR buy ready stocked with our recommendations.
  • Total = £243.80 (+15 free coasters)

Add the deal straight into your basket, and we will select our best-selling coasters for you. Alternatively, you can contact us and let us know exactly which coasters you’d prefer.